Guided by her drive to create daring but classic designs and a company that could stand the test of time, Merah enrolled on a BSc Business Degree. 

Post graduation, she established the brand in London late 2015 and since then has become synonymous with reinvention and uncompromising luxury.


Bold designs with minimal and clean lines are at the forefront at Merah Vodianova. The debut collection, aptly named VOLUME 1, featured two styles, Zeta and Yves. Pieces that strongly identified the label's daring but elegant and refined aesthetic.

Focusing on craftsmanship, each piece is handmade ensuring attention-to-detail and the highest quality.  

VOLUME 1 introduced the label's iconic plexiglass heel with a combination of PVC and Luxurious lambskin suede and has been associated with a number of trendsetters and celebrities.

The launch has identified Merah Vodianova as the emerging shoe designer to watch out for with many eagerly anticipating what is in store for the brand.